Mason, Ebenezer (1669-1754)

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Ebenezer Mason was born on 12 Sep 1669 in Medfield, Massachusetts to Thomas Mason and Margery Partridge. He died on 18 Mar 1754 in Medfield. He married Hannah Clark in 1691. She was born on 22 Oct 1666. She died in 1757.

Ebenezer Mason and Hannah Clark had the following child:

  1. Dorcas Mason (daughter of Ebenezer Mason and Hannah Clark) was born on 12 Aug 1695 in Medfield, Massachusetts. She died on 30 Jul 1778 in Medway, Massachusetts. She married Jonathan Adams (son of Jonathan Adams and Mary Ellis). He was born on 07 May 1696 in Medfield. He died on 06 Apr 1776 in Medway, Massachusetts. Settled on the Adams homestead in Medway.

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