Partridge, Benjamin (1713-1805)

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Benjamin Partridge was born on 16 May 1713 in Medfield, Massachusetts to Eleazer Partridge and Elizabeth Allen. He died on 10 Feb 1805 in Bellingham, Massachusetts. He married Sarah Allen (daughter of James Allen and Rebecca Turner) on 13 Sep 1737 in Medway, Massachusetts. She was born on 24 Nov 1716 in Medfield. She died on 04 Sep 1791 in Bellingham.

Benjamin accompanied his father to Bellingham, where he thereafter lived. Benjamin served as treasurer of the town of Bellingham for 4 years and then as schoolmaster in 1765.

Benjamin removed his children's and wife's relations from the 2nd Church at Bellingham, to the Congregational Church at Milford, Massachusetts, on 3 Aug 1746. Some of the children were baptized at this church. His large tract of wild land in Bellingham, soon became known as Partridgetown.[1]

Family[edit | edit source]

Benjamin Partridge and Sarah Allen had the following children:

  1. Lois Partridge was born on 24 Jun 1738 in Bellingham, Massachusetts. She died on 08 Jul 1738 in Bellingham.
  2. Benjamin Partridge was born on 26 Oct 1739 in Bellingham. He died on 16 Sep 1776 in Ticonderoga, New York. He married Mary Perry (daughter of Oliver Perry and Elizabeth Smith) on 21 Oct 1765 in Bellingham. She was born on 27 Apr 1743 in Bellingham.
  3. Job Partridge was born on 28 Feb 1741/42 in Bellingham. He died on 10 Sep 1823 in Bellingham. He married Deborah Fairbanks (daughter of Jonas Fairbanks and Experience Leland) on 29 Nov 1769 in Holliston, Massachusetts. She was born on 02 Jun 1747 in Medway, Massachusetts. She died on 14 Nov 1827 in Bellingham.
  4. Sarah Partridge was born on 10 Apr 1744 in Bellingham. She and William Ware of Bellingham (son of Eleazer Ware and Hannah) filed their intention to marry 01 Dec 1771 and did so soon after. He was born on 21 Mar 1742/43 in Wrentham, Massachusetts. He died on 22 Aug 1821. Resided Franklin, Massachusetts. Children.
  5. Joseph Partridge was born on 24 Jul 1747 in Bellingham. He died on 24 May 1810 in Bellingham. He married Catharine Richardson (daughter of Benjamin Richardson and Elizabeth Richardson) on 13 Apr 1775. She was born on 09 Apr 1753 in Medway. She died on 13 Jul 1828.
  6. Simeon Partridge was born on 02 Jan 1748/49 in Bellingham. He died on 05 Oct 1761 in Bellingham.
  7. Aaron Partridge was born on 28 Oct 1752 in Bellingham. He died on 18 Oct 1761 in Bellingham.

Footnotes[edit | edit source]

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