Partridge, Benoni (1687-1769)

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Benoni Partridge was born on 25 May 1687 in Medfield, Massachusetts to John Partridge and Elizabeth Rockwood. He died on 26 Dec 1769. He married Mehetabel Wheelock (daughter of Samuel Wheelock and Sarah Kendrick) on 14 Jul 1708 in Medfield. She was born on 10 Sep 1689 in Medfield. She died on 20 Jan 1761.

Benoni Partridge, born in Medfield in 1687, married in 1709, Mehitable Wheelock, also of Medfield. Mehitable was a sister of Henry Garnsey's first wife. Benoni settled on land bought by his father from Elizabeth Shrimpton in 1708 at the corner of Winthrop and Partridge Streets. This tract of land owned by Seth Partridge and Daniel Adams contained about 400 acres. It was bounded south by the Jonathan Adams lot No. 20, and Joseph Clark's lot No. 24 on the north. Thus it was three lots - 21, 22, and 23 in extent, containing 196 acres.

In 1672, Robert Hinsdell of Medfield conveyed by deed to Samuel Shrimpton, husband of Elizabeth, four lots in the New Grant. These were the three above mentioned, and his own Lot No. 25, north of Joseph Clark's, containing 157 acres. No deed from Mrs. Shrimpton has been found for this Hinsdell lot, and it must be presumed that after Messrs. Partridge and Adams discovered the size of their holding in her deeded three lots, they claimed the other also. As Joseph Barber had acquired the whole of the Clark lot No. 24, their holdings were expanded. Some arrangement must have been effected by these three men without any deeds being recorded, for they used and deeded the south half of the Clark lot No. 24, of 80 acres in extent, while Joseph Barber settled his sons on the Hinsdell lot No. 25 north of him. Benoni Partridge's father deeded him the lot his house stood on some five years after he settled here. His original dwelling was almost due south from Daniel Adams near the Pine Hill Road (Winthrop Street) laid out many years later. His place ran up to the Barber line, taking in about one third of the south half of Lot No.24 - the middle third. While Benoni was a man of standing in the settlement, he held no town office. In 1754 Benoni Partridge sold to Moses Partridge, blacksmith, for 173 pounds, the easterly part of his house (the old part), the easterly stable in his barn, half of the barn, and half of the homestead on the southward side of the way. He died in 1769, his wife died in 1761. His farm was divided between his sons Timothy and Moses, while his son Preserved settled over the line in Holliston. Benoni's land holdings were not as long as those of his neighbors, but his family was a prosperous one.

Family[edit | edit source]

Benoni Partridge and Mehetabel Wheelock had the following children:

  1. Preserved Partridge was born on 13 Mar 1708/09 in Medway, Massachusetts. He married Katherine Avon Strong on 10 Nov 1737.
  2. Thomas Partridge was born on 28 Nov 1711 in Medway. He married (1) Miriam Townsend on 10 Jul 1755. He married (2) Abigail Harrington on 14 Sep 1753 in Weston, Massachusetts. She died on 11 Dec 1754 in Weston.
  3. Seth Partridge was born on 17 Mar 1712/13 in Medway. He died on 05 Aug 1786 in Medway. He married Ruth Holbrook. She died on 27 May 1789.
  4. Joseph Partridge was born on 22 Aug 1715 in Medway. He died in 1753. He married Mary Sheffield (daughter of Nathaniel Sheffield and Mary) on 11 Feb 1746/47.
  5. David Partridge was born on 22 May 1718 in Medway. He died on 16 Mar 1741/42 in Medfield, Massachusetts.
  6. Mehetabel Partridge was born on 24 Apr 1720 in Medway. She died on 04 Aug 1741.
  7. Samuel Partridge was born on 24 Jun 1722. He died on 07 Sep 1741.
  8. Sarah Partridge was born on 27 Sep 1724 in Medway. She married Samuel B. Fiske (son of Daniel Fiske and Sarah Fuller) on 24 Mar 1756 in Upton, Massachusetts. He was born on 14 Feb 1727/28 in Wenham, Massachusetts. He died on 25 Sep 1797.
  9. Timothy Partridge was born on 18 Jan 1726/27 in Medway. He died on 18 Sep 1787 in Bellingham, Massachusetts. He married Abigail Barber (daughter of Joseph Barber and Abigail Hawes) on 15 Jan 1755. She was born on 27 Mar 1732 in Medway. She died on 22 Feb 1809 in Medway.
  10. Eli Partridge was born on 03 Jun 1729 in West Medway, Massachusetts. He died after 1800 in Littleton, New Hampshire. He met Rachel Sheffield (daughter of Nathaniel Sheffield and Mary). She was born on 30 Mar 1732.
  11. Moses Partridge was born on 28 Aug 1733 in Medway. He died on 06 Oct 1804 in Upton. He married Rachel Thayer (daughter of Ziba Thayer) on 09 Sep 1755 in Medway. She died on 06 Sep 1812 in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

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