Partridge, Eleazer (1692/93-1776)

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Eleazer Partridge was born on 07 Mar 1692/93 in Medfield, Massachusetts to Eleazer Partridge and Elizabeth Smith. He died in 1776 in Walpole, Massachusetts. He married (1) Sarah Taylor on 11 Apr 1715 in Medfield. She was born about 1692. She died in 1758 in Walpole. He married (2) Ruth Ware (daughter of Ebenezer Ware and Bethia _______) on 20 Nov 1759 in Wrentham, Massachusetts. She was born on 14 Oct 1720 in Wrentham.

In 1721, in the town of Dedham records appears the name of Eleazer Partridge with several other Walpole settlers, charged £3 for its representative to the General Court.

Eleazer settled his family in that portion of Dedham, Massachusetts which in 1724 became Walpole. He was chosen to survey the highways of Walpole in 1725. In 1726 he was charged a town assessment of 5-0 poll tax, f-0 real estate tax, and 0-4 personal estate tax. On 27 Jan 1727, Eleazer was paid for work he had done on the meeting house at the rate of 11 s and 4 d. Six months later he was paid an addition 14 s for work performed on the meeting house. He was listed in the town On 24 May 1727 Eleazer Partridge was appointed to me "ye Highways from there to Stop river." "There" was "Chamberlins Frame" or Farm.

Will[edit | edit source]

His will proved 6 May 1776, mentions his wife Ruth; sons Elisha and Henry; and daughters Sarah Blanchard and Elizabeth Morse [1]

Family[edit | edit source]

Eleazer Partridge and Sarah Taylor had the following children:

  1. Elisha Partridge was born on 06 Mar 1715/16 in Dedham, Massachusetts. He married Hannah Wellman (daughter of Ebenezer Wellman and Sarah Hall) on 11 Dec 1740 in Stoughton, Massachusetts.
  2. Eleazer Partridge was born on 17 Nov 1717 in Medfield, Massachusetts. He died on 06 May 1752. He married Jemina Clark on 25 Nov 1741.
  3. Sarah Partridge was born on 06 Apr 1719 in Medfield. She married Stephen Blanchard on 02 Jan 1743/44. No birth or death records found for him in Medfield, Medway, Walpole, Holliston. Listed in marriage as of Medfield, however, no record of him published. Check Stoughton, VR.
  4. Elizabeth Partridge was born on 04 Jun 1721 in Medfield. She married Timothy Morse (son of Timothy Morse and Mehitable Robbins) on 03 Jan 1739/40. He was born on 08 Apr 1716 in Dedham. The Morse Memoir, p. 48, errs in saying that Elizabeth died before 1764, and that her husband married 2nd, 28 Nov 1764, Lydia Fisher. Ruth was living in 1776, as shown by her father's will. Her son, Timothy Morse, 3d, b. 23 Apr 1741, was probably the Timothy who m. Lydia Fisher.
  5. Peter Partridge was born on 16 May 1722 in Dedham.
  6. Henry Partridge was born on 06 Sep 1724 in Walpole, Massachusetts. He died on 07 Mar 1803 in Walpole. He married Mary Chamberlain (daughter of Moses Chamberlain and Mary Clapp) on 02 Jul 1747 in Walpole. She was born on 25 Aug 1723 in Dedham. She died on 09 May 1808 in Walpole.
  7. Ezra Partridge was born on 17 May 1734 in Walpole. He died on 10 Jun 1734 in Walpole.

Genealogical Problems[edit | edit source]

There is a 10 year gap between the births of Henry in 1724 and Ezra in 1734. This is highly unusual.

Footnotes[edit | edit source]

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