Partridge, Hannah (1695/96-1751)

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Hannah Partridge was born on 16 Mar 1695/96 in Medfield, Massachusetts to John Partridge and Elizabeth Adams.[1] She died on 12 Oct 1751 in Medway, Massachusetts.[2] She married Jeremiah Daniel (son of Joseph Daniel and Rachel Sheffield) on 07 May 1713 in Medfield.[3] He was born on 03 Nov 1684 in Medfield.[4] He died on 16 Nov 1771 in Medway.[5] Daniel was buried in East Medway Cemetery.[6]

They resided in Medfield and Medway in the area that would later become Millis, Massachusetts.

Jeremiah is listed by Jameson as having married a second time. In this marriage his wife is believed to have born him 2 children. I am not certain that this is true, as he would have been age 70 at the birth of the youngest. It is most likely that he had children not listed in the town records by his first wife, one being Jeremiah, Jr.

Family[edit | edit source]

Jeremiah Daniel and Hannah Partridge had the following child:

  1. Rachel Daniel was born on 30 Oct 1714 in Medway, Massachusetts.[7] She died on 11 Jan 1803 in Medway.[8] She married Elisha Adams on 26 Nov 1741 in Medway.[9] She was buried in the East Medway Cemetery, Millis, Massachusetts.

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