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John3 Partridge (John2, _______ Partridge1) was born on 21 Sep 1656 to John Partridge and Magdalene Bullard. He died on 09 Dec 1743 in Medway, Massachusetts. He married (1) Elizabeth Adams (daughter of Jonathan Adams and Elizabeth Holman) in 1688 in Medfield, Massachusetts. She was born on 18 Mar 1665/66 in Medfield. She died on 14 Aug 1719 in Medway. He married (2) Elizabeth Rockwood (daughter of Nicholas Rockwood and Margaret Holbrook) on 24 Dec 1678 in Medfield. She was born on 03 Apr 1657 in Medfield. She died on 22 Jul 1688 in Medfield. He married (3) Hannah Sheffield (daughter of William Sheffield and Mary) on 17 Apr 1721 in Medway. She was born on 18 Apr 1663 in Sherborn, Massachusetts. She died on 19 Jul 1754.

In 1681 he settled in what later became known as Millis. He was one of the first to take up his residence in that portion of Medfield lying west of the Charles river, and was active in having it set off as the town of Medway, in 1713.[1] In 1710, he was chosen master of a school established for residents of the west side. He was interested in church matters, and was Deacon of the Medway Church [2]. In 1714, John was on the committee to secure a minister for the new town, and later became a deacon of the church. He was present at Deerfield when news was received of the return of the captives taken at the Deerfield massacre, and is said to have himself made a copy of Benjamin Waite's letter announcing their arrival at Albany, which, in company with John Plimpton, Jr., he brought to Medfield and delivered to the Rev., John Wilson, by whom it was forwarded to the Governor of the Colony [3][4].

In 1711, Lot No. 46, East Section, granted to Peter Adams, of John Partridge Jr., and Ann Partridge, grandchildren, to Joseph Curtis of Medway. This lot was on the north east of the Grant, and contained 101 acres. It descended from father to son and was owned by the family for nearly two centuries, and in late years was known as the Ham Claflin place.

The John Partridge House[edit | edit source]

The John Partridge House in Medfield, Massachusetts, as it looks today.
The John Partridge House in Medfield, Massachusetts, as it looks today.

The John Partridge House, built in 1659, is a fine example of early colonial architecture. Much of the original house remains and includes wide-board floors, beehive ovens, ex posed hand-hewn beams and exposed second floor joists, hand-forged hardware, vertical-plank interior walls, pegged guillotine windows and hand made window panes. John Partridge Jr. built the home in 1659 after receiving a grant from the town of Medfield and later, in 1682, was joined by his father, John Sr.. In 1974, 315 years after its building, The John Partridge House was added to the National Register of Historic Places, Washington, D.C.

About 1913 all of the children of J.C. & Betsey Thorn were quarantined here with the measles - kept here because of the milk business at home - they were cared for by their mother and Mrs. Snow, Dr. Mitchell was their doctor. The children were the direct descendants of John Partridge.

In 1856, the acreage was intact, and was taxed on 100 acres by Medway.

Will[edit | edit source]

Proved 4 Sep 1744. All children were named. His youngest son, Stephen, received the homestead, but dying before his father, and the latter not making a new will, the property passed into the hands of Stephen's widow, who afterwards married Abner Ellis.[5]

Family[edit | edit source]

John Partridge and Elizabeth Adams had the following children:

  1. Jonathan Partridge was born on 25 Nov 1693 in Medfield, Massachusetts. He died in 1758 in Barre, Massachusetts. He married (1) Anne Phipps (daughter of John Phipps) between 18 Jan 1738-1739. She died on 19 Feb 1748/49 in Sherborn, Massachusetts. He married (2) Elizabeth Learned (daughter of Isaac Learned and Sarah Bigelow) on 13 Nov 1717 in Medway, Massachusetts. She was born on 27 Jul 1696 in Framingham, Massachusetts. She died on 23 Apr 1738 in Medway. He married (3) Abigail Lovet on 12 Oct 1749 in Sherborn.
  2. Hannah Partridge was born on 16 Mar 1695/96 in Medfield. She died on 12 Oct 1751 in Medway. She married Jeremiah Daniel (son of Joseph Daniel and Rachel Sheffield) on 07 May 1713 in Medfield. He was born on 03 Nov 1684 in Medfield. He died on 16 Nov 1771 in Medway.
  3. Deborah Partridge was born on 01 Mar 1697/98 in Medfield. She died on 30 Aug 1740 in Medfield [6]. She married Israel Keith. He was of Uxbridge, Massachusetts.
  4. James Partridge was born on 08 Oct 1700 in Medfield. He died on 09 Mar 1769. He married Keziah Bullard (daughter of Malachi Bullard and Bethia Fisher) on 27 Jan 1728/29 in Medway. She was born on 02 Dec 1711 in Medway. She died on 25 Jul 1799 in Medway.
  5. Sarah Partridge was born on 08 Jan 1701/02 in Medfield. She married George Adams (son of Peter Adams and Experience Cook) on 13 Mar 1722/23. He was born about 1702. They settled in Wrentham, Massachusetts.
  6. Stephen Partridge was born on 16 Apr 1706 in Medfield. He died on 10 Mar 1741/42 in Medway. He married Mary MacCane (daughter of Daniel MacCane and Mary Heaton) on 07 Apr 1737 in Boston, Massachusetts. She was born on 25 May 1710 in Wrentham.

John Partridge and Elizabeth Rockwood had the following children:

  1. Elizabeth Partridge was born on 13 Sep 1679 in Medfield. She died on 25 Apr 1706 in Medway. She married Ebenezer Daniel (son of Joseph Daniel and Mary Fairbanks) on 22 Dec 1701 in Medfield. He was born on 24 Apr 1677 in Medfield. He died on 29 Jan 1767 in Medway.
  2. Mary Partridge was born on 26 Feb 1680/81 in Medfield. She died on 14 Feb 1754 in Wrentham. She married Ebenezer Lawrence (son of John Lawrence and Sarah) on 25 Nov 1706. He was born about 1679. He died on 12 Jun 1751 in Wrentham.
  3. John Partridge was born in 1683 in Medfield. He died on 06 Sep 1750 in Wrentham. He married Anna Pond (daughter of Robert Pond and Joanna Lawrence) on 03 Feb 1708/09 in Wrentham. She was born on 02 Oct 1689 in Wrentham. She died on 06 Mar 1756 in Wrentham.
  4. Benoni Partridge was born on 25 May 1687 in Medfield. He died on 26 Dec 1769. He married Mehetabel Wheelock (daughter of Samuel Wheelock and Sarah Kendrick) on 14 Jul 1708 in Medfield. She was born on 10 Sep 1689 in Medfield. She died on 20 Jan 1761.

Footnotes[edit | edit source]

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