Partridge, Margery (c1628-1711)

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Margery2 Partridge (_______ Partridge1). Born abt. 1628 likely in England, died in 1711 at age 83. She married Thomas Mason (son of Robert Mason) on 23 Apr 1653 in Medfield, Massachusetts (Thomas Mason & Margery Partridge were marryed 23 : 2 : 53. By Capt Lusher of Dedham). He died on 21 Feb 1675/76 in Medfield. She married a second time to _______ Stacy. We know this as she died "Margaret Stacy, relict to Thomas Mason," where she bequeathed property to her son Ebenezer Mason. [1]

Thomas is said to have come over from England with his father, Robert of Dedham, Massachusetts. He settled in Medfield in 1652. In 1653 he is mentioned as having a house. When the town was burned by Indians in 1676, Thomas Mason's house was destroyed; and he, with sons Thomas and Zachariah were killed, it is said near the spring in the meadow opposite the house. The rest of the family probably had fled to the garrison. [1]

Alternate Names

These are the names by which Margery Partridge is found in the records.

  • Margery Partridg
  • Margery Mason
  • Margery Stasy


Thomas Mason and Margery Partridge had the following children:

  1. John Mason was born on 03 Nov 1655 in Medfield, Massachusetts. He died in 1677.
  2. Mary Mason was born on 08 Feb 1656/57 in Medfield. She died in 1694 in Medfield. She married Abraham Harding (son of Abraham Harding and Elizabeth Thaxter) on 26 Apr 1677 in Medfield. He was born in Aug 1655 in Medfield. He died on 11 Jun 1734 in Medway, Massachusetts.
  3. Thomas Mason was born on 02 Jul 1660 in Medfield. He died on 21 Feb 1675/76 in Medfield. Thomas, along with his father and brother Zachariah was slain by the Indians in the burning of Medfield in 1676.
  4. Mehitable Mason was born on 29 Jan 1664/65 in Medfield. She married Thomas Thurston in 1685. He was born in 1658. He died in 1713. Settled at Wrentham, Massachusetts.
  5. Ebenezer Mason was born on 12 Sep 1669 in Medfield. He died on 18 Mar 1754 in Medfield. He married Hannah Clark in 1691. She was born on 22 Oct 1666. She died in 1757.
  6. Zachariah Mason. He died on 21 Feb 1675/76 in Medfield. Zachariah along with his father and brother, Thomas, was slain by the Indians in the burning of Medfield in 1676.


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