Partridge, Zachariah (1674-1716)

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Zachariah3 Partridge (John2, _______ Partridge1) was born on 02 Jul 1674 in Medfield, Massachusetts to John Partridge and Magdalene Bullard.[1] He died on 23 Sep 1716. He married Mary Ellis (daughter of John Ellis and Mary Harding) on 05 Jun 1701 in Medfield. She was born on 07 Mar 1685/86 in Medfield. She died on 12 Sep 1747 in Medway, Massachusetts.

Family[edit | edit source]

Zachariah Partridge and Mary Ellis had the following children:

  1. Mary Partridge was born on 11 Apr 1702 in Medfield, Massachusetts.[2] She married Benjamin White on 25 Jan 1762 in Medway, Massachusetts. They settled at Dudley, Massachusetts.
  2. Magdelin Partridge was born on 04 Feb 1703/04 in Medfield.[2] She died about 1783. She married David Daniels on 11 Feb 1723/24. He was born on 21 Feb 1697/98 in Medfield. He died about 1783.
  3. Sarah Partridge was born on 09 Oct 1706 in Medfield.[2] She married Joseph Green on 30 Dec 1737 in Medway. Joseph was of Marshfield, Massachusetts.
  4. Zechariah Partridge was born on 07 Apr 1709 in Medfield.[1] He died on 21 Aug 1718.
  5. Asa Partridge was born on 11 Mar 1711/12 in Medfield.[2] He died on 19 Aug 1734 in Medfield.
  6. Bathsheba (Phebe) Partridge was born on 27 Aug 1714. She married William Smead. Resided Upper Asheula or what became Keene, New Hampshire.

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