Partridge, Jonathan (1693-1758)

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Jonathan Partridge was born on 25 Nov 1693 in Medfield, Massachusetts to John Partridge and Elizabeth Adams. He died in 1758 in Barre, Massachusetts. He married (1) Elizabeth Learned (daughter of Isaac Learned and Sarah Bigelow) on 13 Nov 1717 in Medway, Massachusetts. She was born on 27 Jul 1696 in Framingham, Massachusetts. She died on 23 Apr 1738 in Medway. He married (2) Anne Phipps (daughter of John Phipps) between 23 Apr 1738-Mar 1739. She died on 19 Feb 1748/49 in Sherborn, Massachusetts. He married (3) Abigail Lovet on 12 Oct 1749 in Sherborn.

Jonathan drew land in Medway in 1713, and was selectman there in 1738. His farm lay about a mile north of Medway Village. In 1742, he sold his place to his brother James, and removed to Sherborn. He resided there about ten years, and then removed to Barre, Rutland District, where he died. Jonathan was baptized Oct. 7, 1750, and became a member of the Second Baptist Church, now Warren Avenue, Boston,[1], but for some years he led the singing at the church in Medway. [2]


Jonathan drew land in Medway in 1713. He eventually bought Lot No. 35, East Section, and the south half of Lot No. 36 in Medway. The site of his farm was that of the later Blake and Pelletier places at the southeast corner of Holliston and Coffee Streets. His land was bounded on the north by Malachi Bullard.

The continuation of Coffee Street and the east portion of Lovering Street laid out in 1737 was on his north line. The records show that Jonathan Partridge gave his part of the road one rod wide, but Malachi and Elisha Bullard demanded 45 shillings for their portion.

In 1747, he sold the east part of his 160 acre farm to his brother James and removed to Sherborn. In 1752, he moved to Barre.


An order issued by the Judge of Probate for Worcester county, to the administrator of his estate, refers to the "children of the deceased, being eighteen in number." The name of these children were endorsed on the back of the administrator's account. [3]


Jonathan Partridge and Elizabeth Learned had the following children:

  1. Matthew Partridge was born on 16 Mar 1717/18 in Medfield, Massachusetts.
  2. Martha Partridge was born on 16 Mar 1717/18 in Medfield. She married John Hucker (son of Henry Hooker and Elizabeth Hilliard) on 24 Jun 1740 in Medway, Massachusetts. He was born in 1713.
  3. Elizabeth Partridge was born on 17 Aug 1720 in Medfield. She married (1) Samuel Hill. She married (2) Joseph Daniels on 27 Nov 1771. Joseph was of Needham, Massachusetts.
  4. Huldah Partridge was born on 18 Jul 1722 in Medfield. She died in Mar 1762. She married Joseph Hill on 22 Oct 1740. He was born on 01 Apr 1701 in Sherborn, Massachusetts. He died on 23 May 1767 in Holliston, Massachusetts.
  5. Jonathan Partridge was born on 16 Jul 1724 in Medfield. He married Keziah Hastings on 06 Feb 1756 in Barre, Massachusetts.
  6. Mary Partridge was born on 19 Jul 1726 in Medfield. She married Thomas Adams (son of Daniel Adams and Sarah Sanford) on 27 Dec 1748.
  7. Ede Partridge was born on 15 Apr 1727 in Medway. She married Nathan Bullard (son of Ebenezer Bullard and Susanna Weston) on 18 Jan 1749/50. He was born on 03 Dec 1725 in Medfield.
  8. Hannah Partridge was born on 12 Feb 1728/29 in Medway. She married Simon Leland on 07 Mar 1750/51.
  9. Jasper Partridge was born on 15 Apr 1732 in Medway. He died in 1821 in Gustavus, Ohio. He married (1) Joy Nichols. He married (2) Mary Rice on 12 Oct 1756 in Barre. She was born on 18 May 1737 in Barre. She died in 1767.
  10. Learned Partridge was born on 07 Feb 1734/35 in Medway.
  11. Silas Partridge was born on 27 Jul 1737 in Medway. He died on 23 Apr 1774 in Marlborough, Massachusetts. He married Abigail Rawson on 09 Dec 1762 in Holliston. She was born on 06 Mar 1742/43 in Mendon, Massachusetts. She died on 29 Sep 1814 in Vernon Center, New York.

Jonathan Partridge and Anne Phipps had the following children:

  1. Thaddeus Partridge was born on 28 Nov 1739 in Medfield. He died in 1827 in Barre. He married (1) Keziah Harding (daughter of John Harding and Keziah Pond) on 08 Dec 1763 in Medway. She was born on 12 Dec 1745 in Medway. She died on 11 Jul 1764 in Barre. He married (2) Thankful Adams (daughter of Eleazar Adams and Bathsheba Barber) on 08 Sep 1766 in Rutland, Massachusetts. She was born on 04 Jun 1748 in Medway. She died on 06 Jan 1830 in Barre.
  2. Jabez Partridge was born on 21 Nov 1741 in Medfield. He died before 11 Dec 1748.
  3. Reuben Partridge was born on 21 Nov 1741 in Medway. He died on 21 Aug 1801 in Gardner, Massachusetts. He married Mary Perry (daughter of Moses Perry and Deborah Ivery) on 06 Feb 1766 in Sherborn. She was born on 02 Apr 1745 in Sherborn. She died in May 1824 in Augusta, Maine.
  4. Rhoda Partridge was born on 11 Feb 1743/44 in Sherborn. She married Samuel Cobb on 11 Aug 1763 in Holliston. He was born about 1737. He died on 20 Dec 1822 in Holliston.
  5. John Partridge was born on 28 Oct 1746 in Sherborn. He died after 1782. He married Phebe Sears (daughter of Silas Sears and Deborah Buck) on 07 Oct 1773 in of Barre. She was born about 1752 in Greenwich, Connecticut.
  6. Jabez Partridge was born on 11 Dec 1748 in Sherborn. He married Anna Twitchell on 19 May 1772. She was born on 24 May 1751 in Sherborn.

Jonathan Partridge and Abigail Lovet had the following children:

  1. Lovet Partridge was born on 13 Sep 1750 in Sherborn. He married Sarah Hayward on 19 May 1774 in Mendon.
  2. Stephen Partridge was born on 02 Aug 1752 in Sherborn. He died before 25 May 1790. He married Jemina Taft (daughter of Seth Taft and Anna Read) on 04 Jan 1776 in Mendon. She was born on 06 Jul 1758 in Mendon.
  3. Abigail Lovet Partridge was born on 01 Aug 1754 in Barre. She married Grindall Taft (son of Seth Taft and Anna Read) on 22 Sep 1774 in Mendon. He was born on 28 Nov 1753 in Mendon.
  4. Amariah Partridge was born on 21 May 1756 in Barre. He died on 24 Sep 1823 in Keene, New Hampshire. He married Thankful Gunn.

Research Problems

The Ancestry of Abigail Lovet

The ancestry of Abigail Lovet remains a mystery. Her marriage to Jonathan actually took place in Sherborn, though notice of the marriage was also placed in the Medway Vital records. This marriage was the 3rd marriage for Jonathan. It is possible then that Abigail is actually a widow of a Lovet so far undetermined, so simply a search for any Abigail Lovet born about the right time frame without a known husband may lead somebody down the wrong track. I am quite certain that the answer to Abigail resides in the Mendon Vital Records where there was a fair concentration of that name. Of these there are 2 possibilities that stand out:

  1. Abigail Lovet, child of Daniel and Abigail Lovet, born in Mendon 19 May 1718.
  2. Abigail Thompson, married Daniel Lovet 11 Apr 1721 in Boston, Massachusetts (but also recorded in Mendon). Is he the Maj. Daniel who died in Mendon on 30 Oct 1748 a. 68?

I'm certain there are others that somebody could find that fit the bill, but without further corroborating evidence it would be hard to prove.

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