Eli Partridge was born to Benoni Partridge and Mehitabel Wheelock in West Medway, Massachusetts, 3 Jun 1729. Me married Rachel Sheffield, born 30 Mar 1732, daughter of Nathaniel and Mary Sheffield, of Sherborn, Massachusetts. He settled in Holliston, Massachusetts, about 1751 or 1752, but soon removed to Milford, Massachusetts [1]Ballou’s Hist, of Milford. In 1754 he purchased a place in Mendon, Massachusetts, and removed there. He was in the Colonial service in 1745 [2]Mass. Archives. In 1761 he sold his right to a 60-acre lot of land in the township of New Boston, Cumberland County (Maine), which was to be drawn for him by the proprietors of said township [3]Cumberland Co. Deeds, vol. i., p. 154. In 1776 he sold his Mendon property, and removed with his family to Chesterfield, New Hampshire [4]Randall’s History of Chesterfield. He died in Littleton, New Hampshire, after 1800. His oldest child was born in Holliston; the next ten in Mendon. The statement by Randall that he had a son Adam may be on authority of tradition.


Children by Rachel Sheffield:

  1. Sheffield Partridge, born 2 Nov 1752; was in Revolutionary service from Mendon, Massachusetts [5]Mass. Archives. He is said to have removed to Ohio after 1800. [6]Letter, dated 24 Nov 1875, from his nephew, Benjamin F. Partridge of DePeyster, New York
  2. Joseph Partridge, born 30 Jun 1754; married 15 Nov 1778, Sarah Warren, born in Milford, Massachusetts, 8 Oct 1759, daughter of Capt. Samuel and Eunice (Corbett) Warren. He was in Revolutionary service, from Milford [7]Mass. Archives. They resided in Milford until 1781, when they removed to Chesterfield, New Hampshire, where they afterwards lived [8]Randall’s Hist, of Chesterfield. He died in 1817; and she died in 1849. Children:
    1. Caroline Partridge, born 30 May 1779; died 15 Sep 1787.
    2. Maria Partridge, born 18 Mar 1781; m. Alexander Albee; resided in Littleton, New Hampshire; children.
    3. John Warren Partridge, born 16 Dec 1782; died 7 Feb 1865; married 4 Mar 1807, Mary Lincoln, born Westmoreland, New Hampshire, 24 Jan 1788, died 23 Nov 1869, daughter of Abiather and Mary Lincoln; settled in Peacham, Vermont, soon after marriage, removing in 1811 to Burlington, Vermont, where they afterwards lived; six children.
    4. Mehetabel Partridge, born 20 Dec 1784; married Calvin Gilson, son of Samuel and Sarah Gilson, of Chesterfield, New Hampshire; died in 1857.
    5. Joseph Partridge, born 28 Jan 1787; died 29 Sep 1873; married in 1811, Catharine Willard, born 2 Aug 1791, daughter of Capt. Simon and Mary Willard, of Chesterfield, who died 3 Feb 1865; resided a number of years in Peacham, Vermont, then removed to Osceola, Stark County, Illinois, where they thereafter resided; six children.
    6. Lyman Partridge, born 21 Jul 1780; died 28 May 1852; married 5 Jul 1818, Theodosia Wood of Westmoreland, New Hampshire, who was born in 1794, and died 25 Jan 1866; resided in Peacham, Vermont; eight children.
    7. Winslow Partridge, born 1 Jul 1791; married Lavernia Wood, of Westmoreland, New Hampshire, sister of Lyman’s wife; was a well-to-do manufacturer, of Watertown, New York, where he lived; children, but male line extinct.
    8. Sarah Partridge, born 4 May 1793; died 12 Jul 1798.
    9. Abel Partridge, born 17 May 1795; m. Sylvia _____, resided in Highgate, Vermont.
    10. Ora Partridge, born 4 Jun 1708; married Betsey Ware, daughter of Levi Ware of Westmoreland, New Hampshire; went to Covington, New York.
    11. Samuel J. Partridge, born 22 Nov 1800; died 30 Apr 1884; married 25 Oct 1827, Lucretia Albee, born 9 Nov 1801, daughter of Ziba and Nancy (Babbitt) Albee; married in Chesterfield, New Hampshire; three children.
  3. Eli Partridge, born 30 Dec 1756; d. Nov. 3, 1792; was in Revolutionary service from Mendon [9]Mass. Archives, and from Chesterfield. [10]Hammond’s Rev. Rolls. They resided in Chesterfield. His wife’s name was Persis _____. Children:
    1. Elkanah Partridge, born 4 Sep 1780; died 3 Mar 1858; married 9 Jan 1809, Sarah Lee, daughter of William Lee, of Antwerp, New York, who was born 23 May 1794, and died 16 Dec 1865; settled about 1811 in Dekalb, St. Lawrence County, New York, removing later to Macomb, New York (same county), where they afterwards lived; eleven children.
    2. Ira Partridge, born 22 Mar 1783; died in infancy.
    3. Ira Partridge, born 19 Jul 1785; went to Indiana after 1800, and died there, unmarried, about 1817.
    4. Azubah Partridge, born 15 Aug 1787; married Joseph Hersey.
    5. Caroline Partridge, b. 21 Oct 1789; married James Wood.
  4. Amos Partridge, born 12 Apr 1758; was in Revolutionary service from Mendon, Massachusetts [11]Mass. Archives, and from Chesterfield. [12]Hammond’s Rev. Rolls. He married at Athol, Massachusetts, 28 Aug 1783, Sarah Harvey, born Northfield, Massachusetts, 9 Nov 1764, daughter of Capt. Ebenezer and Sarah (Janes) Harvey, of Northfield, and later of Chesterfield. They resided in Athol until about 1800 thence removing to Chesterfield. He located at Peacham, Vermont, about 1804, and at Keene, Essex Co., New York, before 1809. In 1826 they accompanied their son Benjamin F. Partridge to De Peyster, St. Lawrence County, New York, where they thereafter resided. He d. at Ogdensburg, New York, 3 Jan 1844; and she died at De Peyster, 23 Aug 1849. Children :
    1. Hannah Partridge, born 23 Aug 1784; married Lane Hurd, of Keene, New York; children.
    2. James Oliver Partridge, born 3 Mar 1786; died 11 Jul 1869; resided in Jay, Essex Co., New York; married Experience Snow; children.
    3. Alpheus Moore Partridge, born 27 Aug 1787; died 19 May 1873; resided in Keene, New York: children.
    4. Sarah Partridge, born 26 Jul 1789; died 6 Nov 1853; married 16 Dec 1814, Moses Hardy, born Fryeburg, Maine, 16 Feb 1787, died 3 Mar 1869; settled at De Peyster; two children.
    5. Rachel Partridge, born 19 Mar 1791; married Benjamin Baxter; resided in Jay or Keene, New York; no children.
    6. Polly Partridge, born 12 Aug 1792; died 12 Nov 1847; married Capt. John Finch of Keene, New York; settled in 1820 at De Peyster; children.
    7. Amos Partridge, born 11 Jun 1794; died 8 Jan 1886; married 23 Jul 1823, Abigail Lewis, born 30 Jul 1800, died 26 Dec 1885, daughter of Capt. David and Mary (Chambers) Lewis of Elizabethtown, New York; settled in De Peyster; ten children.
    8. Betsey Partridge, born 25 Jul 1796; died 23 Feb 1875, married 23 Jul 1823, Jared Thayer, born 12 Mar 1802, died 5 Dec 1855, son of Silas and Sarah (Smith) Thayer: resided in Wilmington, New York; children.
    9. Sophronia Partridge, born 17 Apr 1798; died 13 Feb 1853; married Adolphus Ruggles, born Pomfret, Connecticut, 1 Nov 1796, died 12 Nov 1853, son of Thomas and Alithea (Smith) Ruggles; resided in Keene, Peru, Ogdensburg and Oswego, New York; five children.
    10. Arathusa Partridge, born 27 Feb 1800; died in infancy.
    11. Eli Partridge, born 9 Mar 1801; died 22 Oct 1811.
    12. Benjamin Franklin Partridge, born 17 Sep 1803; married Keene, New York, 6 Apr 1826, Mary Howard, born 9 Mar 1804, died 19 Jan 1878, daughter of Artemas and Esther (Cragin) Wheeler, of Temple, New Hampshire; removed to De Peyster, in 1826; resided there, where he died 21 Aug 1893; ten children.
    13. Arathusa Partridge, born 30 Oct 1805; died 13 Mar 1891; married in 1829, Adam Fishbeck, born in Montrose, Susquehannah Co., Pennsylvania, son of Jacob and Elsie (Stawring) Fishbeck; resided in Macomb, New York; eight children.
    14. Rufus Harvey Partridge, born 29 Sep 1809; died 29 Nov 1844; married 19 Feb 1835, Mary L. King, born 5 Dec 1816, died 27 Dec 1894, daughter of Moses and Betsey (Davis) King, of De Peyster, where they resided; two children; she married Marvel M. Church, of Baldwinsville, New York.
  5. Mehetabel Partridge, born 7 Jul 1759.
  6. Mary Partridge, born 19 Jul 1763; died 11 Jul 1796; married in 1780, Nathaniel Walton, son of Lawrence Walton, of Chesterfield, where they resided, and he died 25 Apr 1817, aged 61. Children.
  7. Rachel Partridge, born 5 May 1765; died 11 Jan 1840; married in 1786, Rufus Harvey, b. Northfield, Massachusetts, 22 Feb 1763, died 29 May 1840, son of Capt. Ebenezer and Sarah (Janes) Harvey. They resided in Chesterfield. Children.
  8. Nathaniel Partridge, baptized 28 Jan 1767; married _____ Goodale, and removed to Littleton, New Hampshire, where they lived. Several children.
  9. John Partridge, born 2 Apr 1770; no further record.
  10. Abel Partridge, baptized 30 Jun 1776; drowned at Bellows Falls, Vermont.
  11. Charles Partridge, born 30 Oct 1776; m. in 1800, Miriam Cunningham, and removed from Chesterfield to Ohio [13]letter, dated 24 Nov 1875, from his nephew, Benjamin F. Partridge.
  12. Adam Partridge. No further record.


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