This information comes from loose notes that I have accumulated over the years which provides information on various Partridge and variant surnames of Chambers County, Alabama. Many of these names I have not yet been able to connect to the Partridge Family Tree and I am hoping for assistance.

If you know of who any of these individuals are please let me know by commenting in the discussion area. If I come to later identify any of these people in the Partridge Family Tree through your help, or on my own, then I will simply link their name to their respective spot in the data.

New Hope Christian Church Cemetery

County Rd 86, south of Abanda

  1. Partridge, ?????????? 1872/1877

Langdale Cemetery

  1. Partridge, W.N. 8 Sep. 1867/– Apr. —-
  2. Partridge, Sankey T. 8 Nov 1848/27 Nov 1903

Chamber County Marriages


  1. p. 20 Henry R. Partridge to Miss C.R.W. Jarvis 26 December 1839, by Booker Lawson, J.P. Jon W. Jarvis L.S.
  2. p. 69 John W. Partridge to Cynthia T. Penton; J.W. Partridge and W.H. Penton signed bond 21 December 1848 – incomplete.
  3. p. 75 William Partridge to Martha M. Hoy (Hay) 3 January 1849, by Jesse Carpenter; Thomas J. Harmon, L.S. James J. Harmon, witness.
  4. p. 92 Tom O. Partridge to Mary A.E. Turner 26 December 1850, by William Graggs, J.P.; Middleton Adams L.S.
  5. p. 107 James H. Adams to Mary C. Partridge, 23 December 1852, by William Graggs, J.P.; William Adams L.S.
  6. p. 122 James M. Partridge to Missouri A. Turner 15 October 1854, George S. Turner, J.P.; Robert Turner L.S.
  7. p. 123 William H. Lansford to Amanda Partridge at the Thomas Partridge House 14 December 1854, William Graggs, J.P.; Henry Lansford L.S.


  1. p. 203 Sanky F. Partridge to Harriet C. Walton, 29 March 1868; E.E. Hunter, J.P. At the residence of Hiram Sanders.
  2. p. 220 John C.W. Partridge to Sarah F. Rice, at the residence of B. Keel, 27 December 1870, William R. Knight.
  3. p. 276 Seaborn F. Partridge to Sarah N. Sorrells, 4 December 1879 by J.D. Elder, MG at the bride’s parents home.
  4. p. 336 J.M. Partridge to Susie Osborn 25 December 1889 by J.R. Elder, M.G.; at William M. Partridge L.S.

Chambers County Track Book

By Ruth Royal Crump

pg. 29

  1. Section 6; 80 acres; Thomas Partridge, 2 January 1837, #6067- # of certificate of warrant.

Alabama Mortality Schedule 1850

  1. Patridge, Sarah 15f, b. GA, d. December 1850 of scarlet fever – 7 days.
  2. Patridge, Julian 9f, b. GA, d. December 1850 of scarlet fever – 10 days.
  3. Patridge, Charles 7m, b. GA, d. December 1850 of scarlet fever – 18 days.