Elisha Partridge, born 1 Jan. 1770 in Wrentham, Massachusetts; settled in Croydon, New Hampshire; married Rachel Winter:


  1. Elisha Partridge, who had four sons, Harrison Partridge, George Partridge, Simeon Partridge, and Willard Partridge, and six daughters.
  2. Simeon Partridge, who died when a young man.
  3. Welcome Pratt Partridge, who had four sons, Wallace Partridge, Charles Partridge, Frank Partridge, and Willis Partridge, and four daughters, one of whom, Leila Partridge, married Edward Fisher and resided (1892) in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.


  • George Homer Partridge, “William Partridge of Medfield, Mass., and His Descendants”; New England Historical and Genealogical Register, 63 (Jan 1909), pp. 94.

Incomplete Genealogy

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