John Partridge was born to John Partridge and Elizabeth Rockwood in Medfield (now Millis), Massachusetts, but the date of his birth is not recorded. He married, 3 Feb 1709, Anna Pond, born in Wrentham, Massachusetts, 2 Oct 1689, daughter of Robert and Joanna Pond. She died 6 Mar 1756; and he died 6 Sep 1756, aged 73 years. They are buried at North Bellingham, Massachusetts. He settled, soon after his marriage, in Wrentham where he afterwards lived. He accumulated considerable property, as is shown by his will, and owned a black slave. In his will, proved 8 Oct 1756 [1]Suffolk Co. Prob. Rec, vol. ii., p. 781, he mentions children of his deceased daughters Anna Thayer and Esther Thayer; and his children Elizabeth Hayward, John Partridge, Keziah Thayer, and Sarah Adams. He also refers by name to his grandchildren John Partridge, Chloe Thayer, and Anna Rexford, wife of William Rexford.

Of his children, the oldest was born in Medfield, the others in Wrentham.


Children of John Partridge and Anna Pond:

  1. Anna Partridge, born 14 Dec 1709; married 19 Jan 1731, Nathaniel, born Mendon, Massachusetts, 20 Apr 1708, son of Isaac and Mary Thayer, of Mendon. They resided in Mendon. Children.
  2. Elizabeth Partridge, born Dec 1711; married 15 Mar 1734, Samuel Hayward of Bellingham, Massachusetts, where they resided. Several children,
  3. John Partridge, born 2 Jun 1715; died 21 Dec 1791.
  4. Esther Partridge, born 15 Mar 1717; married 10 Feb 1734, Daniel Thayer of Bellingham. They settled in “the Gore,” Oxford (now Charlton), Massachusetts. Several children.
  5. Keziah Partridge, married 24 Dec 1739, Samuel, born Mendon, 1713, son of Isaac and Mary Thayer, of Mendon. They resided in Mendon. Children.
  6. Sarah Partridge, born 25 Jul 1725; died 27 Apr 1817; married 25 Dec 1744, Obadiah, born Medway, Massachusetts, 18 Dec. 1721, died 2 Jan 1803, son of Obadiah and Christian (Sanford) Adams. They resided in Bellingham. [2]See Adams Genealogy Children.


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