Nathaniel Partridge (1660-1740/1)

Nathaniel Partridge was born to William Partridge and Sarah Colburn in Medfield, Massachusetts, 3 Nov 1660. He was a weaver, and resided in Medfield, where he served two terms as selectman, and was town treasurer in 1709-10. He taught school in the village in 1713 and again in 1722. In his will, made in 1739 [1]Suffolk Co. Probate, vol. 35, p. 370, he bequeaths his homestead to his son Edward, and also mentions his sons Ephraim and Josiah, and his daughters Lydia, Sarah, Mary, Miriam, Ruth, and Anna, and his deceased daughter Deborah. He married, Nov. 24, 1686, Lydia Wight, born in Medfield 14 Mar 1669, daughter of Ephraim and Lydia (Morse) Wight. He died 25 Mar 1740-1, and his widow died 30 Oct 1741.


Nathaniel Partridge and Lydia Wight had the following children:

  1. Lydia Partridge, born 3 Oct. 1687 in Medfield, Massachusetts; died 20 Jan. 1773; married 24 June 1717, Nathaniel, born in Medfield, 31 Oct. 1684, died in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, 16 Jan. 1762, son of Samuel and Sarah (Bowers) Smith. They had children born in Medfield. [2]See Tilden’s History of Medfield. They removed to Sturbridge in 1755.
  2. Nathaniel Partridge, born 13 Oct. 1689 in Medfield; died 1 Feb. 1712-13.
  3. Elisha Partridge, born 10 Jan. 1691 in Medfield; died 6 May 1712.
  4. Deborah Partridge, born 12 Oct. 1694 in Medfield; died 12 July 1723; married 24 Dec. 1717, in Boston, Massachusetts, Zachariah Barker, Jr., born in Medfield 19 Oct. 1695, died 28 July 1746, son of Zachariah and Abiel (Ellis) Barker. They resided in Medfield. Three children. [3]See Tilden’s History of Medfield.
  5. Sarah Partridge, born 5 Jan. 1697-8 in Medfield; 24 married Feb. 1717, in Boston, Joseph Marsh. Their children were born in Medfield and Sturbridge.
  6. Mary Partridge, born 9 Mar. 1699-1700 in Medfield; died 20 Mar. 1762; married (1) 12 Nov. 1736, as his third wife, Samuel Ellis, born in Medfield 29 May 1697, died 14 July 1751, son of Eleazer and Mary (Metcalf) Ellis. She married (2) 21 Nov. 1755, as his fourth wife, Dea. Ephraim Wheelock, born in Mendon, Massachusetts, in 1697, died 30 May 1785, son of Eleazer and Mary (Chenery) Wheelock. No children by either marriage.
  7. Miriam Partridge, born 9 Mar. 1699-1700 in Medfield; died 27 Mar. 1768; married 20 Jan. 1734-5, Samuel, born in Medfield 28 Feb. 1695-6, died 7 Sept. 1778, son of Samuel and Deborah (Lovell) Ellis. They resided in Medfield. No children.
  8. Ephraim Partridge, born 25 Feb. 1701-2 in Medfield; died 7 Feb. 1770.
  9. Ruth Partridge, born 8 Aug. 1704 in Medfield; married 27 May 1730, Ens. Timothy Tingley of Attleborough, Massachusetts.
  10. Josiah Partridge, born 4 June 1706 in Medfield. He received land in Medfield from his father, by deed dated 8 Mar. 1731 [4]Suffolk Co. Deeds, vol. 51, p. 243. Located in Mendon before 1737-8, in which year he sold a farm there to Jasper Daniel for £700 and removed from the town. [5]See Ballou’s History of Milford.
  11. Anna Partridge, born 21 July 1708 in Medfield; died 28 June 1799; married 2 Dec. 1735, Hinsdale Clark, born in Medfield 25 Mar. 1709-10, died in Sturbridge 25 Jan. 1787, son of Nathaniel and Experience (Hinsdale) Clark. They resided in Sturbridge, where several of their children were born.
  12. Edward Partridge, born Sept. 14, 1710 in Medfield; married Sarah Jones and removed to Wrentham, Massachusetts.
  13. Nathaniel Partridge, born Oct. 22, 1715 in Medfield; died Jan. 24, 1719-20.


  • George Homer Partridge, “William Partridge of Medfield, Mass., and His Descendants”; New England Historical and Genealogical Register, 63 (Jan 1909), pp. 9192.

Incomplete Genealogy

This genealogy is a stub. It is significantly incomplete and will be expanded by the author as time allows.


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