Stephen Partridge was born to John Partridge and Elizabeth Adams in Medfield (now Millis), Massachusetts, 16 Apr 1706. He inherited his father’s homestead in East Medway; and a barn supposed to have been built by him in 1740 is still standing [1]1896. He married, 7 Apr 1737, Mary Maccane, born in Wrentham, Massachusetts, 25 May 1710, daughter of Daniel and Mary (Heaton) Maccane. He died 10 Mar 1742; and she married second, 23 Jul 1747, Abner Ellis.


Children Stephen Partridge and Mary Maccane:

  1. Mary Partridge, born 20 Jun 1738; married 1760, Joseph Baxter, born Medfield, Massachusetts, 1734, son of John and Rebecca (Fisher) Baxter, of Medfield. They resided in Medfield and Princeton, Massachusetts. Four children.
  2. Azuba Partridge, born 16 Apr 1742; married Dec 1765, Capt. Aaron Gardner, born Sherborn, Massachusetts, 1 Apr 1741, son of Addington Gardner of Sherborn. They resided in Sherborn. Six children.


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1 1896