Joshua Partridge (1713-1795)

Joshua Partridge was born to Samuel Partridge and Hannah Mason in Medway, Massachusetts (now Rockville, Massachusetts), 27 Jul 1713. He purchased property near his father’s place in Medway lying along the banks of Charles River [1]Suffolk Co. Deeds, Libs, liii., p. 40; lix., p. 37; lxxxix., pp. 190 to 197. He resided there during his life, and upon his death bequeathed the homestead to his son Samuel, He served several terms on the board of selectmen of Medway. He was in the Colonial service in 1754, 1756 and 1758 (Jameson’s Hist, of Medway, p. 213). He was chosen captain of the “First Military Company” of Medway, which saw frequent service during the Revolution. He married, 23 Dec 1742, Elizabeth Kingsbury, born in Wrentham, Massachusetts, 10 Nov 1718, daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth (Stevens) Kingsbury. He died 19 Jan 1795.


Children by Elizabeth Kingsbury:

  1. Elizabeth Partridge, born 28 Sep 1743; died 3 Jan 1744.
  2. Joshua Partridge, born 20 Apr 1745; died 15 Aug 1802.
  3. Elizabeth Partridge, born 20 Mar 1747; married (1) 27 Nov 1766, John Wheeler. According to Jameson, she married (2) Ira Richardson, (8) Asaph Leland, and (4) Joseph Lovell, although he wrongly gives Richardson as her first husband.
  4. Ichabod Partridge, born 13 Aug 1749; died 11 Apr 1764.
  5. Samuel Partridge, born 26 Dec 1752; died 17 Feb 1842.
  6. Rhoda Partridge, born 3 Feb 1759.


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1 Suffolk Co. Deeds, Libs, liii., p. 40; lix., p. 37; lxxxix., pp. 190 to 197

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