William Partridge was born to William Partridge and Sarah Colburn in Medfield, Massachusetts, 22 Jan. 1669-70, and died there 18 June 1750. He married twice: first Hannah Fisher, born 28 Dec. 1674, died 11 Sept. 1726, daughter of John and Hannah (Adams) Fisher of Medfield; secondly Meletiah (Clark) Hamant, born 4 Aug. 1664, died 23 Nov. 1747, widow of Timothy Hamant of Medfield, and daughter of Ephraim and Mary (Bullen) Clark. His children were all by his first wife, and were born in Medfield. His residence was on what is now Green street. By his will, of which his son Seth was administrator, he gave to his son William a tract of land consisting of 117 acres in the town of Walpole, described in the deed as lying at the “Neponset River and Great Cedar Swamp.” To his son Seth he bequeathed all his real estate in Medfield and Dedham, and to his daughters Mary and Hannah £50 each. [1]Suffolk Co. Probate, vol. 44, pp. 144-145.


William Partridge and Hannah Fisher had the following children:

  1. William Partridge, born 17 Oct. 1695 in Medfield, Massachusetts; died 1782. Owned property in Walpole and Stoughton [2]See Suffolk Co. Deeds, vols. 89, p. 189; 91, p. 198; 96, p. 86; and 128, p. 268. In his will, drawn 4 Feb. 1782, and admitted to probate 2 Apr. 1782, he bequeathed his entire estate to his “beloved friend, Swift Payson of Foxboro,” and appointed him sole executor. In a deed dated 28 Sept. 1772, he is referred to as “William Partridge, laborer, of Walpole.” It is apparent that he never married or, if he did, that he left no issue.
  2. Joseph Partridge, born 29 Sept. 1699 in Medfield; died 11 Apr. 1705.
  3. Hannah Partridge, born 24 Dec. 1702 in Medfield; died 2 Sept. 1780; married 31 Dec. 1728, Samuel Hamant, born in Medfield 11 Sept. 1701, died 6 Jan. 1755, son of Timothy and Meletiah (Clark) Hamant. They resided in Medfield. Children.
  4. Seth Partridge, born 2 Dec. 1706 in Medfield; died 16 May 1768.
  5. Mary Partridge, born 27 Nov. 1709 in Medfield.


Neither Williams Partridge of Medfield, nor his son William,• should be confused with William Partridge, mariner, of Boston, Massachusetts, who married Rachel Goffe, daughter of Capt. Christopher and Elizabeth Goffe, and resided on Ann street, Boston, in 1716-17 [3]Suffolk Co. Deeds, vol. 97, p. 12.


  • George Homer Partridge, “William Partridge of Medfield, Mass., and His Descendants”; New England Historical and Genealogical Register, 63 (Jan 1909), pp. 92.

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