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Vital records of the town of Auburn Massachusetts to 1850 - title page

Vital records of Ward Massachusetts, to the year 1837

The Town of Auburn was originally set off from Worcester, Sutton, Leicester and Oxford, and was incorporated on the 10th of April, 1778, with the name of Ward, in honor of General Artemas Ward, of Shrewsbury, a man of great prominence in this region, active as a patriot during the difficulties that caused the separation from the mother country, and receiving on the eve of hostilities the appoint- ment of First Major General in the Revolutionary Army. He was at a later period Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas, and afterwards served in Congress. He died in 1800 …

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Milford Vital Records title page

Vital records of Milford, Massachusetts, to the year 1850

These vital records for Milford, Massachusetts end in 1849. The exact starting date is not clear, as the town added records from the First Church of Milford (Congregational) which had formerly been the Second Parish of Mendon. These records preceded the town of Milford’s formation. Since Milford was not officially a town until 11 Apr 1780, any record appearing with an earlier date occurred while the locality was still called Mendon. Any record which is part of the original records from the First Church is labeled with the abbreviation C.R. The Town of Milford, Worcester County (formerly in Suffolk County, …

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James Monroe Partridge (1836-1905)

This is an older research article that has been moved to the new format. Since the initial writing of this article in 2002, I have made a match for James and identified him as the likely son of William A. Partridge of Georgia.

Chambers County, Alabama Partridge Notes

This information comes from loose notes that I have accumulated over the years which provides information on various Partridge and variant surnames of Chambers County, Alabama. Many of these names I have not yet been able to connect to the Partridge Family Tree and I am hoping for assistance.

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