Preserved Partridge was born to Benoni Partridge and Mehetabel Wheelock in Medfield, Massachusetts (now West Medway, Massachusetts), 13 Mar 1709. He married, 10 Nov 1787, Catharine Armstrong, and soon after settled in Holliston, Massachusetts. He was also in Milford, Massachusetts, as early as 1750, and as late as 1754 [1]Ballou’s Hist, of Milford. He was in the colonial service’ in 1755 [2]Mass. Archives. He removed as early as 1761 to Cumberland County, Maine, settling near Gorham. Two daughters were married at Gorham before 1766. In 1764 the parish of Stroudwater, Maine (now a suburb of Portland, Maine) was incorporated, and his name appears in the assessors’ book for that year as a taxpayer. [3]Letter, dated 31 Jan 1902, from Leonard B. Chapman, Portland, Maine..


Children by Catharine Armstrong:

  1. Nathan Partridge, born 3 Aug 1738; died in Westbrook, Maine, 1786; settled in Falmouth, Maine, 1761; in Revolutionary service, 1775-1780; married 1 Jan 1781, Anne Conant, daughter of Samuel and Mary (Peabody) Conant, of Falmouth. They resided in Saccarappa (now Westbrook), Maine. Children:
    • Nancy Partridge, born 27 Aug 1781; died 17 Sep 1873; married 21 Feb 1802, Josiah Maxfield, born Windham, Maine, 31 Mar 1773, died Casco, Maine, 3 Jan 1834, son of William and Mary (Westcott) Maxfield; resided in Casco; nine children.
    • Catharine Partridge, born 18 July 1783; died 10 Jan 1861; married 1803, Daniel Dole, born Newbury, Massachusetts, 26 Aug 1757, died Stroudwater, Maine, 23 Feb 1815; resided in Stroudwater; five children.
    • Joseph Partridge, born 13 Apr 1785; died 27 Sep 1856; married 13 Apr 1808, Lydia Quinby, born Somersworth, New Hampshire, 15 Mar 1787; resided in Westbrook, Maine. Twelve children.
  2. Bathsheba Partridge, born 19 Aug 1740; married (published Gorham, 16 Oct 1761) Uriah, son of Richard Nason of Gorham, Maine, who died 13 May 1833, aged 91. They resided in Gorham and Poland, Maine. Several children.
  3. Jesse Partridge, born 29 Aug 1742; died 21 Dec 1795. He was engaged in trading at Falmouth and owned considerable real estate. He was in Revolutionary service, and commissioned captain, 9 Apr 1778 [4]Mass. Archives. He married (1) Lydia Bailey, daughter of John and Jane (Brady) Bailey, of Falmouth. [5]L. B. Chapman, in Maine Historical Society Collections, 2d series, vol. x., p. 298; also confirmed by Jesse’s grandniece, Miss Emma Partridge, of Portland, Maine. She apparently died before him, for his widow, Rebecca Partridge, received a third of his real estate [6]Cumberland Co. Deeds. The widow Rebecca married later Andrew Titcomb. No children by either wife.
  4. Catharine Partridge, born 26 Aug 1744; died 24 Mar 1832; married 1766, Timothy Cloudman, born Presumscot Lower Falls, Maine, 1737, died 22 Oct 1829, son of Edward and Sarah (Collins) Cloudman. They resided in Gorham. Eleven children.
  5. David Partridge, born 26 Jan 1747; settled at Falmouth, where he married Mary Conant, born there, May 1749, daughter of Samuel and Mary (Peabody) Conant. He was in Revolutionary service and was for a short time held prisoner by the British [7]Mass. Archives. He resided at Saccarappa (Falmouth), now Westbrook, until about 1790, when he removed to Thompson’s Pond (now West Poland), Maine, where he died 22 Mar 1834. His widow died there, 29 Apr 1847. [8]Poole’s History of Poland, Maine. His children were:
    • David Partridge, born 1773; died 3 Dec 1858; married Rebecca Wooster, born 1774, died 25 Jun 1851, daughter of John Wooster; resided in West Poland, Maine.; nine children.
    • Polly Partridge, married _____ Bartlett; resided in Gorham.
    • Daniel Partridge, died young.
    • Eunice Partridge, married William Pride; resided in Westbrook.
    • Samuel Partridge, married Thankful Baker; resided in Poland; nine children.
    • Catharine Partridge, born 4 Jan 1791; died 1 May 1887; married Mar 1822, George Hanscomb, born at Gorham, 14 Nov 1779, died at West Poland, 29 Oct 1868, son of Moses Hanscomb; resided in West Poland; one son.
    • Nathan Partridge, born 15 Feb 1793; died 30 Mar 1850; married 17 Mar 1822, Nancy Pitcher, born Andover, Massachusetts, 3 Oct 1799, died 6 Apr 1887; resided in Boston, Massachusetts; seven children.
  6. Jotham Partridge, baptized 27 Jul 1750; settled at Falmouth, Maine. He was in the Revolution [9]Mass. Archives. He married a daughter of John and Jane (Brady) Bailey, of Falmouth. [10]Statement of his grandniece, Miss Emma Partridge, of Portland, Maine. They resided in Westbrook. He conveyed property to his son Jotham Jr. Partridge, 22 Oct 1800 [11]Cumberland Co. Deeds, vol. xxxv., p. 13. He probably also had a son Nathaniel Partridge.
  7. Azuba Partridge, baptized 18 Dec 1752; married Joseph Quinby of Falmouth, Maine, where they lived. He died between 9 Apr 1798, and 3 Jan 1800.
  8. Rosina Partridge, married Nathan Quinby of Falmouth, where they resided.
  9. Zipporah Partridge, born 1757; married Eliphalet Watson, born Gorham, Maine., 20 Mar 1759, son of Eliphalet and Elizabeth (Phinney) Watson. They resided in Waterford, Maine. Children.
  10. Rhoda Partridge, contributed to Congregational Church of Westbrook, 24 Jun 1799. Never married.


George Homer Partridge, Partridge genealogy : descendants of John Partridge of Medfield, Massachusetts, Boston: Press of David Clapp & Son, 1904, p. 131415.


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