Land Records

The Land Purchase of Partridgetown Massachusetts

Situated within the current bounds of Bellingham, Massachusetts, in the northern part of that locality, was for one-and-a-half centuries an area called Partridgetown. This land was purchased for £240 in 1720 by Eleazer Partridge and comprised of several different parcels of different tracts previously purchased by Samuel Rich, along with all buildings upon it. After purchasing the land, Eleazer moved from Medfield with his family and settled upon the 215 acres of land. Eleazer was 56 when he purchased the property. His family was quite large, he having been married twice and having nine children alive in 1720 ranging from …

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Chambers County, Alabama Partridge Notes

This information comes from loose notes that I have accumulated over the years which provides information on various Partridge and variant surnames of Chambers County, Alabama. Many of these names I have not yet been able to connect to the Partridge Family Tree and I am hoping for assistance.

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