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Elisha Partridge (1734-1787)

Elisha Partridge was born to Edward Partridge and Sarah Jones in Medfield, Massachusetts, 8 July 1734. He married twice first, in Wrentham, Massachusetts, 17 Mar. 1756, Dorcas Pond, born there 20 June 1740, died 2 Feb. 1778, daughter of Israel and Dorcas (Clark) Pond; and secondly, in Wrentham, 28 Jan. 1779, Sarah Fales. Elisha resided in Wrentham (Franklin) until about 1780, when he removed to Thomaston, Maine, where he died in 1787. He enlisted from Franklin, Massachusetts, in 1775-1776, in the Revolutionary army. Family Elisha Partridge and Dorcas Pond had the following children: Simeon Partridge, born 19 May 1758 in …

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Nathaniel Partridge (1734-1801)

Dea. Nathaniel Partridge was born to Ephraim Partridge and Lydia Harding in Medway, Massachusetts, Dec. 17, 1734, and died there Oct. 27, 1801. He married twice: first, in Medway, May 19, 1763, Mehetable Metcalf, born in Bellingham, Massachusetts, Dec. 25, 1740, daughter of John and Mary Metcalf, who died June 29, 1798; and secondly, in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, Oct. 24, 1799, Mary Leland. His children were all by his first wife, and all but one died before reaching maturity. He resided in Medway. Family Nathaniel Partridge and Mehetable Metcalf had the following children: Lucretia Partridge, born May 5, 1764 in Medway, …

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Seth Partridge (1706-1768)

Seth Partridge was born to William Partridge and Hannah Fisher on 2 Dec. 1706 in Medfield, Massachusetts, and died 16 May 1768 in Medfield. He married, 31 Dec. 1738, at Medfield, Sarah Ellis, born in Medfield 11 July 1708, died 19 Dec. 1780, daughter of Samuel and Deborah Ellis. They resided in Medfield, where their children were born. Family Seth Partridge and Sarah Ellis had the following children: Olive Partridge, born 22 June 1733 in Medfield, Massachusetts; died Sept., 1733 in Medfield. Seth Partridge, born 27 June 1735 in Medfield; died 31 Oct. 1736 in Medfield. Nathan Partridge, born 4 …

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Edward Partridge (1710-)

Edward Partridge was born to Nathaniel Partridge and Lydia Wight in Medfield, Massachusetts, 14 Sept. 1710. He inherited his father’s homestead, but sold it in 1746 to John and Jonathan Wight and removed to Wrentham, Massachusetts. In 1748 he and his wife asked dismission to the second church in Wrentham. He married, 11 Sept. 1733, Sarah Jones of Medfield. Neither will nor probate record can be found for either Edward or Sarah in CT, MA, NH, NY, or RI. I can find no evidence of Edward nor Sarah after the birth of their daughter Sarah in 1749/50. Two of their …

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Ephraim Partridge (1701/2-1770)

Ephraim Partridge was born to Nathaniel Partridge and Lydia Wight in Medfield, Massachusetts, 25 Feb. 1701-2, and died in Medway, Massachusetts, 7 Feb. 1770. He married, 22 Mar. 1727-8, in Medway, Lydia Harding, born in Medfield 14 Dec. 1701, died in Medway 15 May 1772, daughter of Abraham and Sarah Harding. They resided in Medway, where their children were born. In his will, made 4 Dec. 1769, he mentions wife Lydia, daughters Lydia Whiting, Sarah Adams, Deborah Warren, Elizabeth Partridge, and Olive Partridge, and “only son” Nathaniel Partridge [1]Suffolk Co. Probate, vol. 68, pp. 522-524. Family Ephraim Partridge and Lydia …

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William Partridge (1669/70-1750)

William Partridge was born to William Partridge and Sarah Colburn in Medfield, Massachusetts, 22 Jan. 1669-70, and died there 18 June 1750. He married twice: first Hannah Fisher, born 28 Dec. 1674, died 11 Sept. 1726, daughter of John and Hannah (Adams) Fisher of Medfield; secondly Meletiah (Clark) Hamant, born 4 Aug. 1664, died 23 Nov. 1747, widow of Timothy Hamant of Medfield, and daughter of Ephraim and Mary (Bullen) Clark. His children were all by his first wife, and were born in Medfield. His residence was on what is now Green street. By his will, of which his son …

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Nathaniel Partridge (1660-1740/1)

Nathaniel Partridge was born to William Partridge and Sarah Colburn in Medfield, Massachusetts, 3 Nov 1660. He was a weaver, and resided in Medfield, where he served two terms as selectman, and was town treasurer in 1709-10. He taught school in the village in 1713 and again in 1722. In his will, made in 1739 [1]Suffolk Co. Probate, vol. 35, p. 370, he bequeaths his homestead to his son Edward, and also mentions his sons Ephraim and Josiah, and his daughters Lydia, Sarah, Mary, Miriam, Ruth, and Anna, and his deceased daughter Deborah. He married, Nov. 24, 1686, Lydia Wight, …

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The Partridge Family of Pleasant Grove, Minnesota

Abel Partridge was born to Joseph and Sarah (Warren) Partridge in Chesterfield, New Hampshire, on Sunday, 17 May 1795. This is the Partridge line that often spelled their last name as Pattridge; with Abel and his family, I find the Partridge/Patridge/Pattridge variations. I lose track of Abel through his childhood, until I find him in a marriage record to Sylvia Mansfield. This marriage took place in Chittenden County, Vermont on 18 Jul 1827. It appears that for a short time after the wedding, Abel and Sylvia may have settled down in Essex, Vermont as their first child, Prescott, was born there on Friday, 2 Oct 1829. Not soon after …

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The Four Josiah Partridge’s

One would think that proving four generations of Josiah Partridge’s would be relatively simple. But this line of the Partridge family has remained difficult to track for over a century. It starts with Josiah Partridge, son of Nathaniel Partridge and Lydia Wright of Medfield, Massachusetts. Nathaniel was the eldest son of William Partridge and Sarah Colburn of Medfield, Massachusetts. Josiah was the 9th of 13 children born to his parents, and his descent is the easiest to prove of the four Josiah’s!

Margery Partridge (c1628-1711)

Margery2 Partridge (_______ Partridge1). Born abt. 1628 likely in England, died in 1711 at age 83. She married Thomas Mason (son of Robert Mason) on 23 Apr 1653 in Medfield Massachusetts (Thomas Mason & Margery Partridge were marryed 23 : 2 : 53. By Capt Lusher of Dedham). He died on 21 Feb 1675/76 in Medfield. She married a second time to _______ Stacy. We know this as she died “Margaret Stacy, relict to Thomas Mason,” where she bequeathed property to her son Ebenezer Mason. [1]Tilden, W. S. (1887). [History of the town of Medfield, Massachusetts, 1650-1886] : with genealogies of the families that held real …

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