John Partridge (c1683-1756)

John Partridge was born to John Partridge and Elizabeth Rockwood in Medfield (now Millis), Massachusetts, but the date of his birth is not recorded. He married, 3 Feb 1709, Anna Pond, born in Wrentham, Massachusetts, 2 Oct 1689, daughter of Robert and Joanna Pond. She died 6 Mar 1756; and he died 6 Sep 1756, aged 73 years. They are buried at North Bellingham, Massachusetts. He settled, soon after his marriage, in Wrentham where he afterwards lived. He accumulated considerable property, as is shown by his will, and owned a black slave. In his will, proved 8 Oct 1756 [1]Suffolk …

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View of Partridge Lake, vol 1, page 524

Partridge Lake, Littleton, New Hampshire

Partridge Pond has been nearly surrounded with cottages which are the summer houses of many people of this town and of Lisbon. More than two hundred years ago Nathaniel Partridge settled on what is now known as the Hard place, just over the line in Lyman. The outlet of the pond is in that town, though nearly all its waters are in Littleton.

Zachariah Partridge (1674-1716)

Zachariah Partridge was born in Medfield, Massachusetts, July 2, 1674, to John Partridge and Magdalen Bullard. He settled near his brother Samuel in the Black Swamp (Medway), where land was assigned him in 1702 [1]Jameson’s Hist. of Medway, p. 41. He married, 5 Jun 1701, Mary Ellis, born in Medfield, 7 Mar 1686, died in Medway, 12 Sep 1747, daughter of John and Mary (Herring) Ellis. Zachariah Partridge died 23 Sep 1716, leaving no will. His widow married second, John Barber. On 20 Mar 1732, Edward Clark, John Adams and Timothy Clark, of Medway, were appointed “to appraise the lands …

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Samuel Partridge (1671-1752)

Samuel Partridge was born in Medfield, Massachusetts, 22 Feb 1671, to John Partridge and Magdalen Bullard. He drew land in the Black Swamp in 1702 [1]Jameson’s History of Medway, p. 40.. His lot lay along the Charles river in the south part of this tract, which, in 1713, became the town of Medway, Massachusetts, and is now Rockville. He took an active interest in this enterprise and was elected a member of the first board of selectmen. He was also a deacon of the Medway church [2]Jameson’s History of Medway, p. 121.. He married, 5 Jun 1701, Hannah Mason, born …

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Eleazer Partridge (1664-1736)

Eleazer Partridge was born in Medfield, Massachusetts, 20 Feb 1664 to John Partridge and Magdalene Bullard. He inherited his father’s homestead in Medfield, and resided there until about 1723, when he purchased a tract of land in Bellingham, Massachusetts, and removed there. This property was in the vicinity of what is now North Bellingham, which for a century and a half was known as Partridgetown, and was still so designated by the oldest inhabitants until the 20th century. He married twice: first, 25 Apr 1692, Elizabeth Smith, born in Medfield, 29 Feb 1671, died 4 Jul 1704, daughter of Samuel …

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John Partridge (1656-1753)

John Partridge was born on 21 Sep 1656 in Medfield, Massachusetts to John Partridge and Magdalene Bullard. He died on 09 Dec 1743 in Medway, Massachusetts. [1]Vital records of Medway, Massachusetts, to the year 1850, p. 329. He married (1) Elizabeth Rockwood (daughter of Nicholas Rockwood and Margaret Holbrook) on 24 Dec 1678 in Medfield, Massachusetts.[2]Vital records of Medfield, Massachusetts, to the year 1850, p. 162. She was born on 03 Apr 1657 in Medfield. She died on 22 Jul 1688 in Medfield. [3]Vital records of Medfield, Massachusetts, to the year 1850, p. 226. He married (2) Elizabeth Adams (daughter of Jonathan Adams and …

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Partridge, Abel (1765-1826)

Abel Partridge’s introduction to Colonial life in New England was less than desirable when the Medfield, Massachusetts, town clerk, John Baxter, as copied by Henry Adams in 1850, inscribed upon the town records that: Supposed seems to be the favored method employed by Medfield town clerks to document upon the town records that a couple had a child out of wedlock. It differs though with how Josiah Partridge was listed. His claim was to be a “reputed” son of Josiah Partridge. There are four instances within the town records of “supposed” children born to out of wedlock parents. Two of …

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Partridge, Abel 1739-1814

Abel Partridge was born to Seth Partridge and Sarah Ellis in Medfield, Massachusetts, Nov. 14, 1739. He sold out his rights in his father’s estate to his brother Nathan Partridge. His wife’s name was Miriam _______. She died in 1799, “after having been supported by the town.” Abel was also a public charge, and died 30 Mar. 1814. Family Abel is “supposed” to have had an out-of-wedlock relationship with Hannah Cheney, daughter of Ephraim and Ann (Clark) Cheney, and had the following son: Abel Partridge, born 3 Mar 1765 in Medfield, Massachusetts [1]Abel, “Supposed ” s. Abel Partridge and Hannah …

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Elisha Partridge (1770-)

Elisha Partridge, born 1 Jan. 1770 in Wrentham, Massachusetts; settled in Croydon, New Hampshire; married Rachel Winter: Family Elisha Partridge, who had four sons, Harrison Partridge, George Partridge, Simeon Partridge, and Willard Partridge, and six daughters. Simeon Partridge, who died when a young man. Welcome Pratt Partridge, who had four sons, Wallace Partridge, Charles Partridge, Frank Partridge, and Willis Partridge, and four daughters, one of whom, Leila Partridge, married Edward Fisher and resided (1892) in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Sources: George Homer Partridge, “William Partridge of Medfield, Mass., and His Descendants”; New England Historical and Genealogical Register, 63 (Jan 1909), pp. 94.

Edward Partridge (1738-1815)

Edward Partridge was born to Edward Partridge and Sarah Jones in Medfield, Massachusetts, May 23, 1738, and died in Oakham, Massachusetts, 19 Oct. 1815. He married in Franklin, Massachusetts, (intention recorded Sept. 3, 1770), Hannah Legg, born Mar. 11, 1749, died Apr. 25, 1832, in Oakham, where they resided. Family Edward Partridge and Hannah Legg had the following children: Chloe Partridge, born 1 Nov. 1771, in Franklin, Massachusetts. Bernard Partridge, born 1 Nov. 1773 in Oakham, Massachusetts; died 19 Aug. 1849; married 14 Mar. 1802, in Medway, Massachusetts, Mary, born 3 Feb. 1779, died 30 Dec. 1861, dau. of Jedidiah …

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